MR bin RAZ. 4 months. Sebuyau.

The child of 4 months has an anorectal malformation. He has been operated once and needs at least two more operations. He has a colostomy and needs colostomy bags which are expensive.

For treatment he has to be taken to Sarawak General Hospital which is 500 km away from his home.

Mother is not working and stays with her parents. The father has separated from the mother and does not contribute financially. The only source of family income is the grandmother who sells cakes earning about RM 300 per month.

Outcome: MACAS will provide financial assistance for six months.

The family is in need of longterm financial assistance.

T V. Female. Indian. 29 years. Selangor.

She has severe bilateral keratoconus leading to impaired vision. She requires a corneal transplant or special contact lenses to improve her vision. She earns RM 100 per month. She stays with her brother-in-law whose house will soon bee auctioned off.

She was married and has two children. She was a victim of domestic violence. Her husband was a gambler and ran away due to his debts.

Outcome: MACAS will provide financial assistance for six months.

She is in need of longterm assistance to have her condtion treated and to support her and her children.

KYM Chinese female

She is a victim of domestic violence, having been assaulted by her husband resulting in admission to hospital for 2 months. She is also pregnant with her fourth child. The other children have also been victims of violence of the father.

The husband left her 4 months ago and does not provide any financial assistance. She has filed a police report and is in the process of seeking a divorce.

Outcome: MACAS will provide financial assistance for six months.

She is in need of financial assistance for the intermediate term and employment in the longterm.

GN 46 years Indian male

46 year old male who suffered from a fracture of the spine leading to paralysis below the waist. He is incontinent and has to use pampers. His wife ran away leaving him with 2 school going children aged 15 years and 14 years.

He is unable to work and has no income.

Outcome: MACAS will provide financial assistance for six months.

He is in need of longterm financial and physical support.

K ak R. Male. 7 years. Bidayuh.

K is a 7 year old boy who has Down syndrome and hypothyroidism. The total family income is RM 600 per month (RM 350 father, RM 250 grandfather). There is one other child aged 4 years.

Follow-up at Serian Hospital Paediatric Clinic requires the family to travel 80 km by taxi at a cost of RM 12 per person per visit. There is additional follow-up at Sarawak General Hospital which costs RM 25 per person per visit. In addition, the child has to attend Kelas Pemulihan in Serian at a cost of RM 12 per day. Due to the cost, the child is only able to attend three times each week.

These are longterm costs and a heavy burden on the family.

Outcome: MACAS will provide financial assistance for six months.

Longterm assistance for this child is required.

N.A. Malay. Female. 2y 10m

N.A. is a 2 year 10 month old female who was recently diagnosed as having epilepsy at Pitas Hospital. She gets fits which appear suddenly and without warning. She needs regular medication and follow-up at the hospital.

To make matters worse for the family, her elder brother has thalassaemia major and requires blood transfusions 1-2 times a month at Pitas Hospital. This condition is hereditary and will require regular transfusions throughout life together with desferrioxamine, a drug needed to prevent iron overload and its life-threatening complications.

The father is a security guard and earns RM 400.00 per month which is just enough to provide basic needs. The mother is a housewife. There is another one year old sibling who is well. The five family members live in a kampung house without electricity or piped water. They use river water for their needs.

Going to hospital is a 90 minute journey involving both travel by river as well as by bus.

The family is deserving of both short term and longterm support.

Outcome of application: MACAS will be providing financial support for the next six months.

Longterm assistance for this family is welcome.

T.L.K. Chinese. Male. 11 years.

TLK is a 11 year old male child who has been bedridden since birth due to spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. In addition he has epilepsy since shortly after birth. As a result, he is unable to swallow his secretions and needs them to be sucked out frequently. A suction apparatus has been applied for.

He comes from a family of 8 children, none of whom are working and several are schooling. The sole breadwinner is the father who earns RM 450.00 per month selling vegetables in the village. Income is erratic. The father has cataracts and renal stones.

The child will require lifelong care by his parents. He is on follow-up at Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II, Kota Baru.

Outcome: MACAS will provide financial assistance for six months.

The family is in need of longterm assistance.